Daily SG: 18 Aug 2017

Credit: SGAG

Foreign Affairs

– Asian Correspondent: Duterte govt fiercely rejects criticism by UN human rights chief

Daily Disclosure

– Vulcan Post: Good Students Make Good Eunuchs – Ex-EDB Chairman Philip Yeo On The Flaws Of Our Civil Service
– MothershipSG: Singapore’s citizenship ranked 1st in Southeast Asia but only 36th worldwide
– The Online Citizen: What we should consider now about Malay rights
– Yahoo News Singapore: SEA Games marathon winner Soh Rui Yong lodges protest over prize money

Presidential Election

– RICE Media: Halimah Yacob Has Reinforced Our Apathy
– The Online Citizen: Don’t be surprised by reserved election, it fits within the pattern of neo-colonial authoritarian rule
– The Online Citizen: Walkover 2017: Protest the Process, Not the Person
– publichouse.sg: There’s a sadness about the law minister’s latest facebook posts
– publichouse.sg:Xiaxue’s epic take-down of Law Minister K Shanmugam goes viral

Bread and Butter

– Value Penguin: Average Household Budget in Singapore

Singapore Food Paradise

– Unscrambled.sg: Our favourite mooncakes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival
– MothershipSG: Dim sum store in S’pore sells everything at $1.30 per basket. Everything.

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