Daily SG: 19 Sep 2017

Credit: Evacomics

Foreign Affairs

– Asian Correspondent: Malaysia: Should the 7 teen ‘arsonists’ who killed 23 be put on death row
– The Conversation: Religion is not the only reason Rohingyas are being forced out of Myanmar

Daily Disclosure

– MothershipSG: “Official” Twitter account impersonating President Halimah Yacob removed by Twitter
– Unscrambled SG: According to former Head of Civil Service, Singapore may be decadent

Meet the Parents

– Popular Science: It’s actually really dangerous to go down a slide with your kid
– theAsianparent: IKEA’s Human Catalogue and memory champion Yanjaa Wintersoul shares great tips on improving kids’ memory!

Presidential Election

– MothershipSG: Avowed PAP supporter Xiaxue explains why she disagrees with how PE2017 was carried out

Bread and Butter

– The Online Citizen: Low levels of welfare makes UBI expensive to implement in Singapore

Educating Our Youth

– Yodaa: Jeraldine Phneah: Ideas for a better education system in Singapore

Singapore Food Paradise

– The Halal Food Blog: Halal Mooncakes Guide 2017

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