Daily SG: 12 Dec 2017

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Foreign Affairs

– RSIS: CO17232 | Mother of All Elections 2.0: New Crossroads in Malaysian Politics?

Daily Disclosure

– Parka Blogs: Book Review: The Phantom of Oxley Castle published by Epigram Books
– guanyinmiao’s musings: “Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics”: Surveys On Private School Graduates And Foreign Domestic Workers
– The Online Citizen: Signature drive for a public petition for the government to provide full and live telecast of Parliament
– If Only Singaporeans Stopped to Think: Volunteers who ensure no one dies alone

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– The Independent SG: LTA awards MRT tunnel contract to Chinese firm previously blacklisted by World Bank
– Five Stars and a Moon: Public Transport Will Be Made Easier For The Disabled In Pilot Program

Bread and Butter

– likedatosocanmeh: 2018 polytechnic fees increase – double inflation rate – to help ordinary Singaporeans?
– Dollars and Sense: The Pros and Cons of Transferring Your CPF OA to Your SA

Meet The Parents

– The Conversation: Facebook’s new Messenger Kids app could be good for digital literacy
– The Conversation: Social media can be bad for youth mental health, but there are ways it can help
– Grade Expectations: 6 guidelines for parents to navigate the mysteries of social media

Technology Bytes

– Tech Node: Toutiao is making fake news to train its anti-fake news AI
– ZDNet: Keylogger uncovered on hundreds of HP PCs
– The Online Citizen: Bicycle-sharing operator oBike reviewing app security after data leak

Singapore Food Paradise

– Ordinary Patrons: Putien Kitchener Road – Affordable Michelin Star restaurant Singapore
– HÜBSCH JESS BABY: [random] Kotobuki Coffee + Starbucks Drink Float

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