Daily SG: 19 Dec 2017

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We Want Human LGBT Rights

– The Conversation: Michael Kirby: the rainbow in Asia and the fight for gay rights in our region

Foreign Affairs

– The Conversation: Prepaid phone card registration: a slippery slope for civil liberties in Indonesia

Defending Our Lion City

-RSIS : CO17237 | Rogue Aquatic Drones
– Unscrambled SG: “Ang Moh” Singaporean served NS, guess who complained?

Daily Disclosure

– MothershipSG: AGC explains why couple could not be charged with murder or culpable homicide
– Most Economics: How George Orwell tried to mobilise support for Britain’s anti-Nazi war effort…
– Asian Correspondent: Which Asian country speaks the best English?
– RSIS: CO17236 | Moving Together: UK and Singapore’s Economic Strategies

Investment Matters

– The Motley Fool: 3 Things You Need to Know About the Singapore Stock Market Today

Technology Bytes

– Yahoo News Singapore: Police warn of phishing scam involving fake SPF website
– Must Share News: Amended Films Act May Allow Police To Search Homes Without Warrant For Unlawful Media

Singapore Food Paradise

– Daniel Food Diary: Soul ALife – Vegan Cafe At
– Miss Tam Chiak: Ducatus Café – A Brilliant Blend of Local and Western Coffee!
– Ordinary Patrons: Biryani at Delhi 6 Katong V

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