Daily SG: 28 Dec 2017

Credit: Daiyaku

Foreign Affairs

– The Guardian: The Russian Facebook scandal damages liberals as much as the right

Daily Disclosure

– Asian Correspondent: Burma: Police to drop pending charges against Malaysian, Singaporean journalists
– The Online Citizen: Warren Fernandez: Journalists have to navigate difficult terrain with a wide sweeping law such as Official Secret Act
– The Online Citizen: Laws made worse for Singaporeans after 1966 – Films Act 1981

Bread and Butter

– Must Share News: Denmark PM Says “You Can’t Just Copy-Paste” The Scandinavian Model To Singapore

Technology Bytes

– Yahoo News Singapore: Singapore court dismisses cryptocurrency suit arising from reversed trades

Singapore Food Paradise

– Mitsueki.sg: Food Review | Super Ngon Vietnamese Noodle Cafe
– The Online Citizen: CNA’s piece on hawker food fails to see the bigger picture, comments netizens

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