Daily SG: 25 Jan 2018

Credit: My Sketchbook

Foreign Affairs

– The Online Citizen: Malaysiakini meets fund raising target of RM$350,000 to pay cost and damages in defamation suit
– The Conversation: Turkey and the US are falling out over Syria, the Kurds and authoritarianism
– Asian Correspondent: CIA warns North Korea ‘will not rest’ with nuclear tests

Bread and Butter

– A Juggling Mum: Making a career switch for mums
– Singsaver: Here are All the Ways Budget Airlines Charge You Extra
– Value Penguin: This Is Why Experts Advise Against Wiping Out Your CPF to Buy Your First Home

Technology Bytes

– ZDNet: Facebook details multilingual embeddings to ship AI products to new languages
– Security Affairs: Critical code execution flaw in Electron framework impacts popular Desktop apps such as Skype and Signal

Singapore Food Paradise

– 365days2play Lifestyle, Food & Travel: Chinese New Year 2018 – Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market Cafe

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