Daily SG: 20 Feb 2018

Credit: My Sketchbook

Singapore Budget

– MothershipSG: Did PM Lee really say GST will only be raised due to ‘profligate spending’?
– Singapore Budget: Budget 2018
– Vulcan Post: Singapore Budget 2018: Live Updates

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

– The Online Citizen: Train delay along NSL on Monday morning due to track improvement work

Bread and Butter

– MothershipSG: Economist Donald Low: 5-figure income family is below average S’porean household

Foreign Affairs

– The Conversation: Thirty years since the Seoul Olympics, South Korea is still tackling the legacy of overseas adoption
– Asian Correspondent: Rival skaters from Japan and South Korea embrace spirit of ‘Peace Olympics’
– Asian Correspondent: Aung San Suu Kyi could be guilty of crimes against humanity

Lunar New Year

– PetuniaLee: Sun Plaza Nostalogia
– Thought Moments: River Hongbao 2018 in Singapore

Technology Bytes

– Techinasia: Video: How China’s targeting VPNs and censoring the global web
– Vulcan Post: Here’s Why Google Got Rid Of Its “View Image” Button—And How To Get Around It

Singapore Food Paradise

– MothershipSG: Popular halal zi char food stall in Tuas run by Chinese Muslim convert has moved to Woodlands
– Miss Tam Chiak: Yap Kee Wanton Noodles – 100% Egg Noodles at Holland Drive
– Miss Tam Chiak: Kim Heng Roasted Meat – Crispy Siew Yoke and Fatty Char Siew

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