Daily SG: 3 May 2018

Credit: SGAG

Foreign Affairs

– The Conversation: A preacher says Starbucks customers will go to the hell – the rise of Indonesia’s new generation of preachers?
– New Naratif: A Symbol of Free Speech in Malaysia

Daily Disclosure

– CNBC: Singapore, home to strict drug laws, looks to develop synthetic marijuana compounds

Bread and Butter

– Dollars And Sense: Having Trouble With Debts in Singapore? Here Is Your Roadmap To Clearing Your Debts
– Investment Moats: Singapore Savings Bonds SSB June 2018 Issue Yields 2.43% for 10 Year and 1.68% for 1 Year

Technology Bytes

– Popular Science: Facebook used billions of hashtagged Instagram photos to train its AI
– Tech In Asia: Singtel tie-up may add the missing piece to Razer’s payments puzzle

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