Daily SG: 28 May 2018

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Foreign Affairs

– The Guardian: International team says evidence shows missile came from a Russia-based unit

Counter Terrorism

– RSIS: CO18088 | One Year After Marawi: Has The Threat Gone?
– RSIS: CO18087 | Shifting Sands: POLRI-TNI Ties in Counterterrorism

Diplomatic Relations

– MothershipSG: North Korea’s reply to Trump’s break up letter in full: Softer with give peace a chance stance
– MothershipSG: White House team coming to S’pore to prepare for Trump-Kim summit

Daily Disclosure

– The Online Citizen: Anwar calls on media to be critical of govt while SG media continues to flatter govt
– The Online Citizen: Orchard Rd floods: Once in 50 years after spending $2b?
– Good Morning Yesterday : We follow orders or people die


– The Independent: ST correspondent says unaware 1MDB whistleblower interview scripted

Bread and Butter

– Dollars and Sense: CPF Medisave: Here’s How Your Basic Healthcare Sum Might Look Like When You’re 65
– Ryan Goh: Life through these eyes : Why are Singapore youths no longer drawn to 5Cs?
– MothershipSG: Yup, all 15 PAP town councils to raise service & conservancy charges on June 1, 2018
– Money Smart: Remittance from Singapore – Expats’ Guide To Cheaper Overseas Money Transfers

Technology Bytes

– Must Share News: Tesla In Singapore? Elon Musk Says Government Not Supportive, Sparks Twitter Debate
– ZDNet: Australia’s Facebook investigation expected to take at least 8 months

Singapore Food Paradise

– i eat & eat: Sin Heng Kee Porridge @ Hougang 新兴记粥品

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