Daily SG: 30 Jul 2018

Credit: SGAG

Diplomatic Affairs

– MothershipSG: S’pore’s diplomatic creativity is in creating more space for itself

Daily Disclosure

– MothershipSG: Loving S’porean mother quit her job to set up a special needs school
– The Independent: Singaporeans’ intense competition with big countries like China and India amplified at international debate, Shanmugam

Politics in Singapore

– The Independent: It seems Tan Cheng Bock has decided to answer the call to politics
– The Independent: NSP sec-gen’s outburst at being denied to SDP forum points to fragility of opposition coalition
– The Online Citizen: Conditioned into thinking that disagreements in politics always lead to bad outcomes?

Technology Bytes

– ZDNet: Samsung S Pen reflections: A differentiator in a saturated smartphone market

Singapore Food Paradise

– Miss Tam Chiak: No Name Ban Mian Stall (Teban Gardens)- What’s Their Special Weapon?
– Ordinary Patrons: Common Man Stan – a top weekend brunch cafe in CBD

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