Daily SG: 24 Aug 2018

Credit: SGAG

Foreign Affairs

– The Online Citizen: How Malaysians dealt with draconian laws for the sake of change
– The Online Citizen: Malaysia axes East Coast Rail Link, among other China-backed mega projects

Defending Our Lion City

– RSIS: CO18138 | Portable Drone Jammers: An Assessment

Daily Disclosure

– Dollars and Sense: The DollarsAndSense Podcast Episode #2: Does Paying Singapore Ministers High Salaries Get Us The Best Talents?
– The Conversation: Crazy Rich Asians is a great moment for representation – but slides over some important questions
– inkstone: Crazy Rich Asians is one of our saddest moments

Meet the Parents

– The Conversation: Girls have ADHD too – here’s why we may be missing them

Bread and Butter

– Moneysmart: DBS Vickers – The Total Beginner’s Guide to DBS Investment Platform
– Vulcanpost: OCBC Wants To Get Millennials Started On Investment With Its New Robo-Advisor

Technology Bytes

– Asian Correspondents: Lampooning politicians in Asia is becoming easier with social media

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