Daily SG: 28 Aug 2018

Credit: Robert The Otter

Foreign Affairs

– MothershipSG: Hong Kong media praises how awesome S’pore housing is to criticise HK housing

Ministerial Salaries

– The Online Citizen: Taiwan media asks why PM Lee paid 7X more than President Tsai when its population 4X and GDP 2X of SG’s

Daily Disclosure

– The Atlantic: Crazy Rich Identities
– MothershipSG: S’pore swimmer opens up about crippling anxiety in journey to clinch Asian Games silver
– The Independent: “Fake news” Whatsapp message gives impression Catholic Church is unhappy with gov’t
– Yahoo News Singapore: Singaporean doctor recounts harrowing boat mission to break Gaza blockade
– The Online Citizen: Tan Wah Piow: Allegation of him setting up of Marxist state in Singapore, an invention of Lee Kuan Yew
– Asian Correspondent: Why you should be worried about the Arctic ice sheets

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