Daily SG: 1 Oct 2018

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Foreign Affairs

– The Independent: Girls marrying at 14 is “madness”—Crown Prince of Johor

Defending Our Lion City

– RSIS: CO18158 | An ASEAN Way to Prevent Violent Extremism?

Daily Disclosure

– The Online Citizen: Rejection of PJ Thum and Kirsten Han’s company – Using technicality of foreign funding is disingenuous
– Yahoo News Singapore: Repeal 377A organisers urge supporters to reach out to their MPs
– The Independent: MOF rejects Dr Thum Ping Tjin’s appeal on failed company registration on the basis of national interest
– If Only Singaporeans Stopped to Think: Singapore’s fertility rate down to 1.16 in 2017; Total population at 5.64 million as of June 2018
– The Online Citizen: Review on cannabis ban in Singapore subject to “scientific evidence”: Ministry of Home Affairs

Educating Our Youth

– The Independent: MOE cuts exams in schools to reduce over-emphasis on academic results

Bread and Butter

– MothershipSG: S’pore households to pay more electricity tariffs from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018, up 2.1% average

Technology Bytes

– Zit Seng’s Blog: Facebook Also Hacked

Singapore Food Paradise

– The Ordinary Patrons: Three Buns Burgers & Cocktails at Potato Head, Singapore
– Miss Tam Chiak: Fu Xiang Signatures – Relive the Good Old Days Through Home-Cooked Local Dishes
– Miss Tam Chiak: Thaksin Beef Noodle – Halal Thai-style Beef Noodles!
– Ordinary Patrons: Maddie’s Kitchen – a new restaurant for affordable quality food

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