Daily SG: 16 Oct 2018

Credit: Evacomics

Daily Disclosure

– The Online Citizen: Scrapping mid-year exams will have limited results if govt does not change how scholarships are awarded and scholars jettisoned into high positions
– RSIS: CO18167 | Economic Populism: End of The Small State?
– The Online Citizen: : AHTC trial has a silver lining

Foreign Affairs

– new mandala: Where Duterte’s drug war is being fought
– The Conversation: Sulawesi tsunami: how social media (and a lullaby) can save lives in future disasters
– Asian Correspondent: ‘Vindicated’: Anwar Ibrahim expresses relief in triumphant return to politics

Educating Our Youth

– The Conversation: Bilingualism: how to get your child to speak your language – and why it matters
– The Online Citizen: NTU linguist: Nothing wrong speaking English with Singaporean accent

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