Daily SG: 19 Oct 2018

Credit: SGAG

Daily Disclosure

– MothershipSG: Migrants workers are cleaning Pasir Ris beach for free & you can buy them lunch
– Rice Media: Just Like Us: Inside the Lives of Singapore’s Jehovah’s Witnesses
– The Independent: Global competitiveness study ranks Singapore in 2nd place out of 140 nations, just after USA

Foreign Affairs

– The Conversation: Why Canada must prosecute returning ISIS fighters
– Asian Correspondent: Indonesians underestimate how bad nepotism is for the economy
– The Conversation: Jamal Khashoggi disappearance a defining moment for Saudi Arabia’s relations with the West
– Asian Correspondent: What’s South Korea’s problem with refugees?

Bread and Butter

– The Online Citizen: Top seven myths Singaporeans believe about critical illness insurance
– VulcanPost: Ran Out Of RMB? S’poreans Could Soon Use NetsPay For Food And Shopping In China

Technology Bytes

– ZDNet: Tumblr discloses vulnerability but says ‘no evidence that this bug was abused’
– The Verge: Facebook may have knowingly inflated its video metrics for over a year

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