Daily SG: 16 Nov 2018

Credit: SGAG

Fake News

– The Online Citizen: No policy “that prohibits alleged falsehoods”: Facebook on refusal to remove States Times Review post
– Bertha Harian: (No) Thanks STR. You just justified fake news laws

Daily Disclosure

– The Independent: Speculation that Li Hongyi will enter politics and Chan Chun Sing will be “seatwarmer PM” heats up
– The Independent: Mothership’s head honcho throws shade at Lee Hsien Yang-Tan Cheng Bock meeting

Diplomatic Relations

– RSIS: CO18190 | Russia’s Pivot to the East: Putin’s Broadening Move
– MothershipSG: Justin Trudeau paid Fort Canning a visit as his great-great-great-great-grandmother was William Farquhar’s daughter

Technology Bytes

– The Online Citizen: SingHealth cyberattack fiasco: Cybersecurity “a key feature,” not merely a “technical issue” or an “afterthought,” says CEO of CSA

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