Daily Tech: Samsung 225MS

For those looking to buy the Samsung 226CW, might want to consider this baby instead – the 225MS. Check out the specs and a owner’s mini review after the break.

Daily SG: 31 Aug 2007

Compulsory Annuities – A Father Thoughts: A Double Whammy – Singapore Watch: The unspeakbale ‘A’ word – Singapore Angle: Good Compulsory Annuity, More Welfare? – Disgruntled Singaporean: CPF is our freaking $!!!! We demand Transparency & Accountabilty NOW!!!! Others – Elia Diodati: Notes on survivalism from a LKY interview – Yawning Bread: Religious affiliation of …

Daily SG: 30 Aug 2007

Raising Cost Of Living – Online Citizen: The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore – Hello Land of Ever Increasing Fares/Bills/Prices – HWZ EDMW: The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore Police Rejects Opposition Party outdoor Event – Online Citizen: In Parliament: government’s reply poorly reasoned, insulting – Mr Brown: Police: outdoor gatherings …

Daily Tech: Comex 2007 Preview

Comex 2007 – CNET Comex 2007 star buys – HWZ Comex 2007 Preview Part 1 – HWZ Comex 2007 Preview Part 2 – Network World: Singapore Airlines puts a Linux PC in every seat – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Trialer Trailer after the break.