Top Ways to Save While Child-Proofing Your Car


Having a car in Singapore is expensive. Having a family in Singapore is expensive as well. When you combine the two, budgeting can be a nightmare. While there are ways to keep your budget in check while providing for your family, there are some things that you should not skimp on. One of these things is ensuring your car is safe for your children.

What’s The Point Of Becoming A Smart Nation?

Smart Nation

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spent a large segment of his National Day Rally speech elaborating on Smart Nation, which he described as “using IT comprehensively to create new jobs new business opportunities make our economy more productive make our lives more convenient and make this an outstanding city in which to live, work and play ST But with …

Here’s How Much It Costs To Put A Ring On It In Singapore

In Singapore, the road to happily ever after often begins with a ritual called wedding budgeting and planning, followed by a lot of intense emailing and Googling. It’s seen as a once-in-a-lifetime (for many) event, so many couples and their respective families do all they can for a grand feast and ceremony that they can …

International School Fee Survey 2017

The process of moving your family abroad for a new job or assignment holds many costs, both overt and hidden. One of the largest of these can be finding a new school for your children, especially if, like many expatriates, you are looking for an international school so that they can access the best quality of education possible in your new home.