Cybercrime, no problem? – The five worst things that could happen to you

To be fair, the government’s reaction was prompted by a genuine concern for cybersecurity. In the news, the agency spearheading this move seems to be the Cyber Security Agency (CSA). Speaking at a briefing with the press yesterday, CSA’s chief executive Mr David Koh addressed the media and revealed that the government has been the target of up to 16 waves of cyber attacks since last April.

What’s Living With Low Emotional Intelligence Like?

Being straightforward offends many people, but it’s hard to lie when you’ve been taught not to. Honesty is a trait that isn’t really valued much. When I think I’m being considerate by asking a question or doing something extra, it is sometimes met by suspicion and offence. But consideration for others is something we’ve been taught too. So conflicting.

Internet Ban – IDA bends to foreign entity influence

Closer to home, on 8 June the Straits Times reported that from May next year, “Web surfing can be done only on the employees’ personal tablets or mobile phones as these devices do not have access to government e-mail systems.” The emphasis on government email systems leaves little doubt regarding Hillary Clinton’s influence on this domestic policy shift.

Sorry boss, cannot work. Internet down.

Since we are on the topic, why not ban all public servants from using the internet altogether. After all, these public servants are walking repositories of the government’s secrets! They need to be kept under lock and key. So no Facebook, no personal emails, no internet, nothing!

Why the witch hunt against Alice Fong AKA Food Rage Lady should stop

In this case, the pitch forks have come out, but for what cause? To demonize bad behaviour and teach that arrogant woman a lesson? That’s probably part of the reason, but before we rush to join the mob, maybe we should give some thought to how we can use our energy for the betterment of the very people we claim to protect, that is, the poor, the elderly and the disabled.

Local production company’s closure exposes need for freelance workers’ union

The recent closure of a particular film production company has left a group of local freelance film crew frustrated and upset because none of them have been paid for X number of jobs. While I understand that this is an unfortunate situation, I believe something needs to be done for this group of skilled professionals who are not protected by any union or association.