Why debate? Let’s talk Singlish

With the attention of the general public conveniently steered towards such comparatively trivial distractions, there is little chance that anything will change in respect to the application of the death penalty, the election of parliamentarians on GRC tickets, and other issues which are similarly kept under the radar.

Pink Dot 2016 – The Oxymoron

This year some conservative groups called for no overseas intervention in Singapore politics. They petitioned that foreigners should not be allowed to attend PinkDot so as to not “interfere” with Singaporean culture, as though they are spreading homosexuality here. I find this amusing because it couldn’t be further from reality.

Why Do Singaporeans Treat Disabled and Special-Needs People Like Animals?

What we have in Singapore is a moving average of tolerance and acceptance towards disabled and special-needs people studying, working and socialising amongst us. I hope that we will shift that moving average away from the ‘zoo’ mentality towards respecting the right of every living person (even if we have to accommodate their disabilities and special needs) to be treated like any other human being.

Should there be space for political dissent and an independent elections commission?

However, is the PAP likely to set up an independent election commission? All its actions show its resentment towards dissent against its rule and desire to suppress alternative political views, even as it pays lip service to being inclusive in governance. It continually criticises and makes things difficult for alternative media. Ministers threaten to sue ordinary citizens into bankruptcy for defamation.

What Does World War II Mean To You?

60 million died in World War II. The majority of deaths (62%) were civilians, who lived in the wrong time in the wrong place and died as a result of a decisions of a few leaders who wanted more power. War, and any form of violence, does not benefit anyone, except those sitting in the back row pulling the strings for their own gain.

The Chinese Helicopter has landed…

There are many more truly important issues for Singaporeans to get excited and worked up about. Chinese-educated Singaporeans are no longer ‘stuttering’ with their blades hovering overhead, trying to get their message across. The ‘Chinese helicopter’ has landed! Applause! And lighten-up, folks.

A Maid-In-Singapore Problem

So when Singaporeans complain about the potential higher costs of food, lodging and transport needed to afford a maid in the future (when the supply of maids will be drastically reduced while demand remains constant or even increases), perhaps it sheds more light on how Singaporeans have come to need maids more than the maids need us.

The plight of the boy who cried wolf – Amos Yee attacked! Again?

There are people who feel Amos Yee needs to be taught a lesson, and it would be foolish to deny that he has stepped on too many toes. Yet the question remains, what kind of society would we devolve into if we cannot even guarantee the safety of a teenage boy when he is assaulted by a much larger assailant in full view of the public?