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Daily Tech: 24 June 2010

I guess everyone is sick of iPhone 4 and iOS 4 stories. Anyway, there are several sources saying that the upcoming Nokia N8 will be the last Nseries phone running Symbian OS. Next Nseries phone will be running MeeGo OS. Symbian lovers can still get their doze of Symbian on the Nokia Xseries phone. News […]

Daily Tech: 10 June 2010

Unless you are from another universe, you should have heard by now that the iPhone 4 is coming. It will be launched in the US on 24 June 2010. Singaporeans need not worry, we are in the 2nd wave of the iPhone 4 release. iPhone 4 is expected to invade the little red dot somewhere […]

Daily Tech: 26 May 2010

News – TechieLobang: LG Launches LG Mini (GD880) in Singapore – Nokia Ovi Store offers exclusive Barkingseed Games – TechGoondu: Do-it-yourself: Update your Nexus One to ver 2.2 aka Froyo – TechieLobang: Refinery Media that Brought SuperModelMe Inked Deal with Foursquare – TechGoondu: HP powers data centres with cow manure – Tech65: Apple iPad […]

Daily Tech: 12 May 2010

Apple announced that they have sold 1 million iPads within the first month. That is pretty impressive. And for those who are waiting for iPad to come to Singapore, you will be glad to know that it will be here sometime in July. So start saving. News – Engadget: Apple sells 1,000,000 iPads in revolution’s […]

Daily Tech: 29 Apr 2010

After weeks of speculations, it is finally announced that HP is acquiring Palm. That came as a huge surprise. Everyone was expecting (and praying) that HTC will be the one who acquire Palm. Or Lenovo, Dell or even Huawei. Nobody expected HP. Personally, I don’t know if Palm is saved now. I hope Palm don’t […]

Daily Tech: 21 Apr 2010

It seems like an Apple employee lost the new, unreleased iPhone in a pub. Someone picked it up and sold it to Gizmodo. There is hardly any doubts that its a fake now as Apple has written to Gizmodo requesting the phone back. But I’m not sure if Gizmodo will still be invited to any […]

Daily Tech: 14 Apr 2010

Lots of new products announcement happening this week. Adobe announced their latest CS5. Microsoft announced Kin One and Two which most likely won’t be coming to Singapore. Nokia released 3 new phones too, C3, C6 and E5. And HTC HD Mini and Legend is available in Singapore now. Did I miss anything? News – Engadget: […]

Daily Tech: 7 Apr 2010

Apple has began selling their iPad Tablet over the weekend in US. And it’s nothing but tablet talk this week in the tech world. Some analyst estimate that Apple sold 600,00 to 700,000 over the weekend, resulting in several news agencies and website to use that figure without verification. Apple later clarify that they sold […]

Daily Tech: 1 Apr 2010

It’s another one of those slow tech news week. In fact, it is so slow that there is only 1 news this week. And it only appears yesterday. Geekdaily reports that there were only 90 preorders for the JooJoo tablets and 15 of them had cancelled the order. Check out Geekdaily for the latest update […]

Daily Tech: 25 Mar 2010

It’s no more. Starting 23 March, all traffic to has been routed to Perhaps a minute of silence? But Google is still maintaining it’s office in China for other Google products like Android. Gmail is still available in China. (Thankfully) Anyway, I’m sure the geeks knows how to get pass the great […]

Daily Tech: 17 Mar 2010

News – StraitsTimes: Transport info on the go – Techgoondu: IT Show 2010: new Core i3 and i5 laptops rule – New Google Blogger templates narrowly arrive before second coming of Jesus – Cibailang: Yes, confirmed, Facebook sets up office in Singapore – TechieLobang: SingTel and Ericsson Ride the Waves of LTE Technology – […]

Daily Tech: 11 Mar 2010

It’s the IT Show week. What are you planning to buy? News – Bootstrike: IT Show Pricelist – TechGoondu: YOG launches virtual world to reach out to youths – Mashable: Facebook to Launch Location Features Next Month – TechCrunch: Twitter Turns On Geolocation On Its Website – TechieLobang: Symantec launches latest Norton 360 V4.0 – […]

Daily Tech: 3 Mar 2010

You know you are becoming a threat when your opponent starts digging thru their patent filing and find stuff they can sue you out of business. Apple just sued HTC for infringing on 20 patents “related to the iPhone’s user interface, underlying architecture and hardware.” On other patent news, Facebook was granted patent on the […]

Daily Tech: 18 Feb 2010

It’s Mobile World Congress! Lots of new phones being announced while we are busy celebrating Lunar New Year. Perhaps the biggest announcement is the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series. Looks pretty promising. Hey! There is no more Start button. Besides MWC2010, Google launched Google Buzz which is something like Twitter and Facebook Status. Lots […]

Daily Tech: 10 Feb 2010

News – Engadget: Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch – Cnet: Twitter reveals torrent scam details – NY Times: Google to Add Social Features to Gmail – NY Times: Microsoft’s Creative Destruction – Daily Tech: Windows 8 Dates Leaked, Windows 7 Hits 10 Percent Market Share, IE 8 Now Top Browser – Cnet: […]

Daily Tech: 3 Feb 2010

Unless you are living under a rock, you probability heard about Apple’s latest product, the iPad. It looks like an oversized iPod touch. But it does comes with improved application and new services like iBook. The iPad will ship in 60 days time. In the meanwhile, JooJoo’s pre-sale went up after the iPad announcement. Ya […]

Daily Tech: 27 Jan 2010

Nokia shocked the tech world by announcing that they will be giving away free turn by turn navigation on all Nokia GPS devices. So far, only 10 devices are supported but Nokia spokesperson said more will come in the next few weeks. I’ve tried it out on a Nokia N97 Mini and it works great. […]

Daily Tech: 20 Jan 2010

Everyone is talking about Google pulling out of China. Google claims that it’s infrastructure, together with 20 other companies, were under cyberattack by China. This made them decided to stop censoring search results in China. As a result, China blocked Google website and it is no longer accessible in China. Somehow I feel that their […]

Daily Tech: 13 Jan 2010

CES 2010 has come to an end. Lots of amazing stuff being shown off this year. But makes you wonder, which gadget will end up in the market and which is vaporware. We’ll see. Oh, if you just bought your Nexus One, there is a 3G connectivity bug. Don’t worry, the workaround is pretty simple. […]

Daily Tech: 6 Jan 2010

Happy 2010 everyone! CES is starting this coming Thursday (Friday morning for us in Singapore) Google started everyone talking by officially announcing their Superphone last night. Google will be selling the Nexus One on their web store starting today. Currently, only US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore will get it. Yes, you heard me right. […]

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