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Weekly Round Up: Week 50 (10 Dec – 14 Dec 2012)

Daily SG – Weekly Round Up: Week 50 (10 Dec – 14 Dec 2012):
• Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer Resigns.

Weekly Round Up: Week 49 (3 Dec – 7 Dec 2012)

Daily SG – Weekly Round Up: Week 49 (3 Dec – 7 Dec 2012):
• SMRT’s PRC Bus Drivers Strike.

Weekly Round Up: Week 48 (26 Nov – 30 Nov 2012)

Daily SG – Weekly Round Up: Week 48 (26 Nov – 30 Nov 2012):
• SMRT PRC Drivers Strike!

Weekly Round Up: Week 47 (19 Nov – 23 Nov 2012)

Daily SG – Weekly Round Up: Week 47 (19 Nov – 23 Nov 2012):
• PSLE results! MOE decided not to name top students.
• Jim Sleeper and his nonsense?
• SAF Safety

Weekly Round Up: Week 42 (15 Oct – 19 Oct 2012)

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: Week 42 (15 Oct – 19 Oct 2012)
• Alvin Tan Jye Yee, Amy Cheong, Housing, National Conversation, Internet Code of Conduct?

Weekly Round Up: Week 41 (8 Oct – 12 Oct 2012)

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: Week 41 (8 Oct – 12 Oct 2012)
• Racism or Witch-hunt – Amy Cheong, Amy Cheong, Amy Cheong

Weekly Roundup: Week 51

“That politicians are so craftily selective in their rhetoric is to be expected, but regrettably some of our feted journalists too have adopted for an ethos the immortal words of that Class 90.5FM advertisement: “Only hear the good stuff.”” Spiegel “We seem to constantly keep foreign workers at a distance and preferably completely out of […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 50

“..the fact that “community leaders” believe that the social problems such as gangsterism and dysfunctional families can be solved by making young people believe in the same gods as they do is a scary thought indeed.” angry doc “Perhaps, the prejudice that some are simply unable to study is the root problem of poor student […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 49

“Our boys are out there competing for our nation’s sporting glory. Instead of supporting them in their endeavour, we choose to distract them by complaining about their swimming trunks design?” Alvin “I estimate that over 30% of residents earn less than $1,200 (inflation-adjusted) or are unemployed.” Leong Sze Hian “To claim that current approaches by […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 48

“We have to question our perpetual insistence on crime-fighting and open our eyes to the socio-political and economic conditions that have coerced individuals, families and groups into “crime” itself.” Sam Ho “If you can’t condemn and judge child pornography, Singapore as a society is in big trouble.” Ghost “If we can’t effectively increase and improve […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 47

“..are the loyalty of these MPs more to their party or the constituents who they serve and represent?” LCC “Really, for a country that prides itself on meritocracy and open markets, this level of endorsement is simply shocking..” Howard Lee “..the gahmen should stop sticking its head in the ground to some of the associated […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 46

“The mere act of questioning the norm, a tradition, or the status quo, is an act in freeing oneself from the constraints of authoritarianism and paternalism.” laïcité “In keeping the media under the purview of the government so as to determine the boundaries of any public discourse in the media, the PAP has shrewdly ensured […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 45

“In the end, we need to realise that although we may not be movers and shakers of society or people of prominence but we are all, in our own way, exceptional. And we should not let other people, no matter how exceptional they may be, tell us otherwise.” LCC “Having spent time thinking about the […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 44

“..what does the never ending accumulation of money, and our reserves, mean to ordinary Singaporeans?” Leong Sze Hian “It’s just… YPAP members seem to have some sort of mockery lightning rod on them.” theinkhorn “There is no place for complacency, and telling that to Singaporeans would be like preaching to the converted, and insinuating that […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 43

“..Singapore is not just for the elitists… Singapore is also made up of the aunties who contributed to our economic success in the past, but collects cardboard boxes and sell them for a living now. It is also for that young aspiring and working adult trying to make living and start or support a family.” […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 42

“If you don’t even acknowledge their existence, how are you even going to start that conversation with kids who are confused (or sure) about their sexuality?” mjuse “If the rampant ignorance and prejudicial attitudes concerning the young is anything to go by, the rest that is adult Singapore is in dire need of education.” Sam […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 41

“By championing Singlish the ‘linguistic bourgeoisie’ are ensuring that the ‘linguistic proletariat’ continue to be ignorant of how they and their children are being deprived of these “means of production”.” LSP “ the real world, we will sadly alwasys have a portion of local society that is less skilled. That is the real world. What […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 40

“The correct way to see if low income workers are receiving enough help is to look at their quality of life.” Lucky Tan “Their corporate communications philosophy is best summed up in three words: Knee Jerk Reactions.” Ashinigami “Does GIC stand for ‘Give Information Cannot’?” Leong Sze Hian “We have a long way to go […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 39

“.. both [Standard English and Singish] have value, albeit in different arenas, and most importantly, that both NEED to exist..” Cordelia Yang “I have a feeling that education has taught me all about this world, but nothing about myself.” Liau Chuan Yi and Norvin Chan “How many choose to have an opinion? How many choose […]

Weekly Roundup: Week 38

“So discontentment builds to pressure-cooker proportions. We become self-hating citizens.” On Nation and State “What is not in doubt however, is that an infinitesimal step has been taken in the direction of an Orwellian future.” Liau Chuan Yi and Norvin Chan “The university seems to pride itself as a political organ of the state.” Terence […]

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