Life of a Singaporean Cabby (Part I)

Ever wondered about the life of being a Cabby? James Lim tells you what it takes to be a Taxi Driver in Singapore. It seems that Traffic Police are more stringent with Cabbies...

Singapore's Favourite Playgrounds of Yesteryears

How many of you have spent hours of your childhood playing in these sand-based playgrounds with local-styled designs? Many of them, built in the late seventies, are the works of Khor Ean Ghee.

Blogger Gintai's meeting with Foreign Minister

Blogger shares his private meeting with Foreign & Law Minister K Shanmugam.

J. B. Jeyaretnam (1926-2008)

Despite a history of imprisonment, court cases and bankruptcy, Jeyaretnam never gave up. He was finally discharged from bankruptcy in 2007 after making partial payments to the previous damages. With the 2011 General Election in mind, Jeyaretnam founded the new Reform Party in mid-2008.

Straits Times Interview: 'Power of we'

What Chen Show Mao wants, more than anything, is to be a catalyst to get Singaporeans more engaged in their citizenship and to play their part in fixing what is wrong with society, he tells Susan Long.

Hardwarezone Forums Membership

Hardwarezone Forums Membership

Hardwarezone Forums currently has more than 525,000 forum members. It might be Singapore's largest Internet Forum. Check out our listing of Singapore's internet dicussion forums.

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“Rochor Centre”

Credit: Anita Ryanto

“Compass Point”

Credit: Sathyapriya Subramaniam

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