Daily SG: 8 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 8 Jun 2016 #internetban #ida #publicservants #foodragelady
• Singapore Government Bans Internet
• Bad News, Public Servants: IDA To Pull The Plug On Your Internet
• It’s on Facebook! It bashes PAP! IT MUST BE TRUE!
• NO! to Foreign Intervention, or Freedom to Love?
• MSF responds to mother’s allegations that baby was ‘stolen’


Daily SG: 7 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 7 Jun 2016 #hengsweekeat #lgbt #alternativemedia #activism
• Singapore government slams TRE report for saying Heng Swee Keat’s medical expenses paid by taxpayers
• Inconvenient facts about the Indian, Teo and Roy
• Why Turn Gay People Straight? Changing Them To Feel Better
• Everyone feels the chill when the wind blows in Singapore
• ACS boys will never get conned by DHL scam. Here’s why


Mayday for Noble Group!

The rot for Noble Group started in 2015 when it engaged in an epic battle with US short-seller Muddy Waters and research firm Iceberg Research over Noble Group’s questionable accounting practices and allegations of misleading debt levels. Whether who was right or wrong was immaterial but the market had spoken when Noble Group started sliding from $0.90 in 2015 to the current price of $0.23. And in the history of SGX-listed companies, there were very few successful turnaround stories.


Local production company’s closure exposes need for freelance workers’ union

The recent closure of a particular film production company has left a group of local freelance film crew frustrated and upset because none of them have been paid for X number of jobs. While I understand that this is an unfortunate situation, I believe something needs to be done for this group of skilled professionals who are not protected by any union or association.


Daily SG: 6 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 6 Jun 2016 #pinkdotsg #lgbt #foodragelady #jem
• Food rage lady should have been dragged out of the mall
• Never Ever Come In Between A Fat Woman And Her Food!
• Eh no la. Bat shit crazy raging lady in red not grassroots leader la
• So Bad, They’re Almost Good: LGBT S’poreans React To Homophobic Comments
• Govt warning to Pink Dot participants


Why Do Singaporeans Treat Disabled and Special-Needs People Like Animals?

What we have in Singapore is a moving average of tolerance and acceptance towards disabled and special-needs people studying, working and socialising amongst us. I hope that we will shift that moving average away from the ‘zoo’ mentality towards respecting the right of every living person (even if we have to accommodate their disabilities and special needs) to be treated like any other human being.


Should there be space for political dissent and an independent elections commission?

However, is the PAP likely to set up an independent election commission? All its actions show its resentment towards dissent against its rule and desire to suppress alternative political views, even as it pays lip service to being inclusive in governance. It continually criticises and makes things difficult for alternative media. Ministers threaten to sue ordinary citizens into bankruptcy for defamation.


Daily SG: 3 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 3 Jun 2016 #salary #cpf #lgbt #spf #coolingoffday
• TISG is fully cooperating with police investigations in alleged breaches of Cooling Off / Polling Day restrictions
• Aging & Japan’s Economy
• How to solve the longevity problem. the Hard Truths way
• Why your pay didn’t increase as much as you expected…
• PEA allows “transmission of personal political views on the Internet” – or does it not?


Daily SG: 2 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 2 Jun 2016 #spf #eld #lgbt #smrt
• The MRT Saga : Until The Khaw Comes Home
• It’s our fault that the MRT keeps breaking down. We shall repent!
• Joint statement by ELD and SPF on investigation over alleged violation of Cooling-Off Day regulations
• Politics in Singapore: The past five years (and the next three)
• Biology Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage Bans


Troubling that “inspector” left warrant card “in the car” – but gained access to home

“If our officers are in plain clothes, they will identify themselves by producing the warrant card.” It is unclear if this is official police protocol but since it comes from the police’s spokesman, one would assume that it is. So, the obvious question is: what is the police’s action if one of its officers failed to adhere to this protocol?


What Does World War II Mean To You?

60 million died in World War II. The majority of deaths (62%) were civilians, who lived in the wrong time in the wrong place and died as a result of a decisions of a few leaders who wanted more power. War, and any form of violence, does not benefit anyone, except those sitting in the back row pulling the strings for their own gain.