Daily ChioBu: Kanny Theng

Before you accuse us of not supporting our local talents, we present to you Kanny Theng, a local underground favourite who won the Stomp Maxim Babe 2007. No mean feat considering she had to beat well known celebrities like Cynthia Koh and twins May & Choy to the title. More pictures after the break.

SG Daily: 5 Sep 2007

NSF caught with rifle – EDMW: Reminder: All SAF personnels are not supposed to leak internal information to outside [Original thread about the incident was apparently hastily removed by EDMW mods] – Random Thoughts of a Free Thinker: ST: “Nabbed in Orchard Rd after hunt: NSF with rifle, ammo”!? – zm. the poor bloke: NSF …

Daily SG: 4 Sep 2007

Daily Discourse – Online Citizen: Senior government officials should do better – Singapore Angle: What attributes should the next PM have? – Mollymeek: Pragmatism is not an ideology – Parlement: Singapore elitism at its best Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids & bicycles – Aaron Ng: Some parties are more equal than others? CPF/Annuities – Diary …

Daily Tech: IFA 2007

If you are looking to get a LCD soon, hold on to your horses and check out what the major manufacturers have announced at Berlin’s IFA 2007.

Daily Tech: Samsung 225MS

For those looking to buy the Samsung 226CW, might want to consider this baby instead – the 225MS. Check out the specs and a owner’s mini review after the break.