Daily SG: 9 Jul 2018


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Daily SG: 15 Mar 2018

bread and butter

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 15 Mar 2018 #humanrights #freedomofspeech #censorship #breadandbutter #uber #disability

When can you ask (or threaten) an online publication to remove materials?

singapore freedom of speech online publication laws defamation national security censorship personal data protection privacy

I run several online magazines and every once in a while, some displeased individual would write to me and request for a video/photograph/article to be taken down. Threats range from defamation to privacy, annoyingly often misapplying the Personal Data Protection Act.  I have refused each one of these requests. For me, a good starting point is the …

Daily SG: 11 Jul 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 11 Jul 2016 #censorship #terrorism #scam #mrt
• Islamic State’s First Terror Attack next to Singapore
• Silence of SMRT, LTA & MoT explained
• Most Hilarious Responses to Lottery and DHL Scammers
• When can Facebook take down your post?
• Preschool kid made to wear hair clip in front of class

Daily SG: 8 Jul 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 8 Jul 2016 #parking #terrorism #lta #mrt
• Should We Be Concerned About The Recent Increases In Car Park Charges
• Increase in Car Park Charges – Car Owners Dismay, Investors Cheer
• Defective Trains: “Discuss Things Openly, Tell People The Truth”
• Recalibrating the Islamic State Threat in Southeast Asia
• I Am Afraid Of Terrorism But Not As Much As Muslims Are