Daily SG: 24 Mar 2014

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 24 Mar 2014 #singapore #oursgconv #PrayForMH370 #MalaysianAirlines #MH370
• The Beauty and the Beast
• Religion getting in the way of filial piety
• Not business as usual for Indonesia-Singapore defence relations
• Manpower director makes incredible claims about how well migrant workers are treated by ministry
• Reason why S’poreans migrating, not reproducing?

Daily SG: 2 Dec 2013

Credit: SGAG Regulating the Internet – The Singapore Law Review: Internet Regulation – A myth in Singapore? – TOC: A (dangerously) confused PAP Government – Breakfast Network: Can’t breathe online… – Singapore Ideas: Accountability, et al. – Singapore Notes: Is Cyber City Burning? – DKSG: Another fake Ministry of Manpower website spotted Truth, Justice and …

Daily SG: 18 Apr 2013

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 18 Apr 2013
• No free transport, comprain. Got free transport, also comprain. Buay sian ah?
• Besides free travel on MRT, let’s look at car clubs
• People who deserve tax-payers’ help & those who don’t
• Pulau Ubin: No plans to Evict?
• Bloggers who have nothing to say

Daily SG: 27 Mar 2013

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 27 Mar 2013
• Singaporeans: Book-Smart, Street-”Stupid”
• Our Singapore Conversation: Hearing Meaningful Voices
• Damsels In Distress
• Can discrimination be positive?

Daily SG: 26 Mar 2013

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 26 Mar 2013
• A Policeman’s Code Of Conduct
• Singaporeans must understand the ties that bind
• The lightness of racism; the vice of creativity
• A Singaporean I can Identify With
• Singapore: “Clean and Green City” is a Fallacy