How to dine with friends who earn more than you

Avoid the awkwardness of dining out with friends in Singapore on a small budget. We’ve all been there: dinner with friends can take a turn for the awkward when the bill arrives. How do you split it? Should you pay for the wine you didn’t drink? You skipped dessert. You didn’t pick this expensive restaurant to begin with.

Should teenagers in Singapore have credit cards?

Cardmembers can easily give their teenage children supplementary cards. But should Singaporean teens be using credit cards in the first place? Credit card holders are able to obtain supplementary cards, often for other immediate family members. This raises the issue of whether Singaporean teenagers should have access to them.

Seven Unforgettable Lessons From Your First S$10,000 Credit Card Debt

It’s much better if you learn these lessons without amassing a huge credit card debt. For a fair number of young Singaporeans, the first major financial shock comes in the form of a credit card bill. Most people aren’t aware of just how quickly uncontrolled spending will add up – and paying off that first S$10,000 debt becomes a rite of passage. But as the old saying goes, fools learn from experience, while wiser people learn from the experiences of others.

Daily SG: 31 Mar 2016

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