Daily SG: 13 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 13 Jun 2016 #internetban #chc #pinkdot #mnd
• MND should give full account of lift mishaps
• The indomitable spirit of Kong Hee
• A Government Without Internet
• We have an IT literacy problem
• MHA’s statement on foreign entities’ involvement in Pink Dot shows that Singapore Gahmen has balls of steel

Cybercrime, no problem? – The five worst things that could happen to you

To be fair, the government’s reaction was prompted by a genuine concern for cybersecurity. In the news, the agency spearheading this move seems to be the Cyber Security Agency (CSA). Speaking at a briefing with the press yesterday, CSA’s chief executive Mr David Koh addressed the media and revealed that the government has been the target of up to 16 waves of cyber attacks since last April.

Daily SG: 6 Jun 2014

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 6 Jun 2014 #singapore #oursgconv #royngerng #cpf
• SingPass security issues highlight need for two-factor authentication
• Online engagement and legal action – where do we draw the lines?
• Finally MediShield Life
• Some thoughts on censorship
• The Prime Minister Should Resign and Retire