Daily SG: 26 Jul 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 26 Jul 2016 #sdp #1mdb #malaysia #education
• Couple hold sex orgies in Singapore charging men $450 per party
• WARNING: Latest Hotel Scam You MUST Know About
• The pursuit of degree does not make sense anymore!
• SDP raises questions about 1MDB and the KL-Singapore high-speed railway project
• Was the signing of the HSR agreement wise given Najib’s and 1MDB’s problems?

Internet Ban – IDA bends to foreign entity influence

Closer to home, on 8 June the Straits Times reported that from May next year, “Web surfing can be done only on the employees’ personal tablets or mobile phones as these devices do not have access to government e-mail systems.” The emphasis on government email systems leaves little doubt regarding Hillary Clinton’s influence on this domestic policy shift.