Why debate? Let’s talk Singlish

With the attention of the general public conveniently steered towards such comparatively trivial distractions, there is little chance that anything will change in respect to the application of the death penalty, the election of parliamentarians on GRC tickets, and other issues which are similarly kept under the radar.

Daily SG: 31 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 31 May 2016 #amosyee #singlish #foreigndomesticworkers #poverty
• Fresh third party video of Amos Yee being assaulted in Jurong Point emerges
• Defence of Singapore cannot be outsourced?
• Can’t use Singlish, but Indian English can?
• Reliance On Live-In Domestic Workers Reflects Deeper Socio-Economic Malaise
• “Poverty and Inequality in Singapore” by Let’s talk, Singapore

Daily SG: 26 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 26 May 2016 #sdp #amosyee #pinkdot2016 #economics
• Pink Dot vs Wear White – What’s with the trench warfare?
• A falsehood that SDP broke agreement on secret meeting. Here’s proof
• BSI – Would Singapore teach the Americans how to run a clean financial system?
• Big breasts like triple A status and budget surpluses have a downside
• Amos Yee makes video to hurt Muslims, but the community’s too mature for him

Kho Jabing – Defending the Indefensible

However in a strange turn of events, the focus of the fiercest debates has shone not so much on the merits or demerits of the use of the death penalty in Kho Jabing’s case. The bulk of public interest now seems centred on toxic accusations which have been flung against the lawyers and activists backing Kho Jabing and family, accusing them of delaying the inevitable and putting the family of Kho through unnecessary emotional torture.

Daily SG: 23 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 23 May 2016 #toc #pinkdot2016 #deathpenalty #lgbt
• TOC to go on hiatus from June
• Screen time and the family
• The Bastion against Homophobia
• Kho jabing’s death calls for more clarity on death-penalty implementation
• This is Jabing Kho

Daily SG: 20 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 20 May 2016 #sdp #cheesoonjuan #benjaminlim #mrt
• Excerpts from an SBF Alfresco thread: Chee and SDP this week and the train wreck it has created
• No lack of space for 10 million in Singapore? Really?
• How successful is Hong Kong’s MTR compared to S’pore’s MRT? Unbelievable. Out of this world.
• Death of a boy: Did the school do just right, or not enough?
• Two interviews before his suicide

Daily SG: 16 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 16 May 2016 #sdp #terrorism #hengsweekeat #scdf
• Get well soon, Mr Heng
• SCDF team for Heng Swee Keat
• Religious Terrorism in Malaysia–Part 1 and Part 2
• Selfishness and Self-centeredness: Sexual Infidelity with same or opposite sex partners
• Let’s all be at Pink Dot for those who can’t or won’t

Daily SG: 18 Nov 2015

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 18 Nov 2015 #singapore #sgelections #SG50 #Haze
• 10 things you are probably uninterested to know about ISIS but should
• Assimilation and French society: double standards?
• Terrorism Is Everyone’s Problem
• How to be politically correct on Paris attacks