Daily SG: 25 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 25 May 2016 #singlish #english #language #politics
• Wah… need to have PhD to speak Singlish leh!
• Who else besides PhD holders are qualified to use Singlish in Singapore?
• Singapore Right in Rebutting NYT Piece on Singlish
• Fine S’poreans for using Singlish
• 18 Singlish Slangs We Used To Say That Have Gone Extinct

Daily SG: 24 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 24 May 2016 #singlish #china #deathpenalty #singleparents
• Singlish/English: for peace and harmony
• Analyzing China’s 13th Five-Year Plan
• Single parents are still discriminated, WP’s Li Li Lian
• We need the death penalty to keep us safe… Really?
• The Hanging Of Kho Jabing

Daily SG: 20 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 20 May 2016 #sdp #cheesoonjuan #benjaminlim #mrt
• Excerpts from an SBF Alfresco thread: Chee and SDP this week and the train wreck it has created
• No lack of space for 10 million in Singapore? Really?
• How successful is Hong Kong’s MTR compared to S’pore’s MRT? Unbelievable. Out of this world.
• Death of a boy: Did the school do just right, or not enough?
• Two interviews before his suicide

Seven Unforgettable Lessons From Your First S$10,000 Credit Card Debt

It’s much better if you learn these lessons without amassing a huge credit card debt. For a fair number of young Singaporeans, the first major financial shock comes in the form of a credit card bill. Most people aren’t aware of just how quickly uncontrolled spending will add up – and paying off that first S$10,000 debt becomes a rite of passage. But as the old saying goes, fools learn from experience, while wiser people learn from the experiences of others.