Daily SG: 1 Aug 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 1 Aug 2016 #nus #orientationgames #sexualisation #transportwoes
• Uncle Redbean: PRCs not FTs
• A Guide to Singaporean Driving
• NUS Running Scared : All Orientation Camps Cancelled
• NUS orientation: We need to talk about consent
• What does Trump, Brexit and NUS Freshman Orientation have in common ?

Daily SG: 25 Jul 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 25 Jul 2016 #sdp #aljunied #publictransport #michelinguide
• Our disastrous monetary system: A new must-read book
• This Facebook post confirms taxi fare dodgers in S’pore totally DGAF anymore
• Eugenics in Singapore
• Brexiters and Aljunied residents
• S’porean hawkers recognise Michelin Guide by awarding it certificate of participation

Daily SG: 18 Jul 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 18 Jul 2016 #lta #smrt #terrorism #france
• Nationalisation of SMRT assets – To Prevent Another Minister of Transport and SMRT CEO being Sacked
• Why I’m wary of LTA’s take-back of SMRT assets
• Yet another deadly terrorist attack in France
• SDP calls for COI on lift mishaps in light of latest E M Services investigation
• Liberal foreign manpower policy impedes local engineers and IT professionals

Daily SG: 7 Jul 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 7 Jul 2016 #facebook #lta #china #mrt
• If You’re a Contract Employee in Singapore, Don’t Let Your Employer Cheat You of These 3 Things to Which You’re Now Entitled
• Don’t Anyhow Say: FB Post Stating You Can’t Hold Your Phone While Driving Is Totally Inaccurate
• Made-in-China trains spark safety concerns in Hong Kong, US
• Train defects reveal deeper problems doing business with PRCs
• Facebook: Today S’pore, tom China

Daily SG: 23 Jun 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 23 Jun 2016 #youth #healthcare #foreigners #religion
• Is It About Hunger or Bad Bosses?
• Are Doctors Charging More Than They Need To?
• Does citizenship make any difference?
• Pope Francis understands Modern Marriage
• South China Sea: Facts about Asia’s maritime flashpoint

Why debate? Let’s talk Singlish

With the attention of the general public conveniently steered towards such comparatively trivial distractions, there is little chance that anything will change in respect to the application of the death penalty, the election of parliamentarians on GRC tickets, and other issues which are similarly kept under the radar.

Daily SG: 31 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 31 May 2016 #amosyee #singlish #foreigndomesticworkers #poverty
• Fresh third party video of Amos Yee being assaulted in Jurong Point emerges
• Defence of Singapore cannot be outsourced?
• Can’t use Singlish, but Indian English can?
• Reliance On Live-In Domestic Workers Reflects Deeper Socio-Economic Malaise
• “Poverty and Inequality in Singapore” by Let’s talk, Singapore

Daily SG: 30 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 30 May 2016 #racism #singlish #eld #alternativemedia
• Singlish debate redux: Gwee Li Sui is the new Phua Chu Kang sans yellow boots
• Hey, are you a Chinese helicopter?
• Racist Chinese?
• SDP calls for fairness in implementation of Cooling-off Day regulations
• Shake-up in the online space

Daily SG: 26 May 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 26 May 2016 #sdp #amosyee #pinkdot2016 #economics
• Pink Dot vs Wear White – What’s with the trench warfare?
• A falsehood that SDP broke agreement on secret meeting. Here’s proof
• BSI – Would Singapore teach the Americans how to run a clean financial system?
• Big breasts like triple A status and budget surpluses have a downside
• Amos Yee makes video to hurt Muslims, but the community’s too mature for him