Why the double standards, ELD?

ELD should do everyone a favour and come out with clarifications for their actions. Or perhaps they would like everyone to think that the rules of Cooling-Off-Day simply mean that no one, nada, zip, nothing, should be published about politics on Cooling-Off-Day, period.

Daily SG: 29 Apr 2016

Daily SG – What everyone is talking about: 29 Apr 2016 #sdp #pap #bukitbatok #byelecction
• Singapore is better off as a Transactional nation !
• The Contempt in which “Allies” are held by “Minorities”
• Do’s and Don’ts for Dr Chee Soon Juan
• 5 observations from the rather tame Bukit Batok by-election Nomination Day
• SDP unprepared for By Election